Order code: 20-160

This product has been discontinued.

Dust mask with replaceable filter for use when routing, for industrial and construction work, DIY and various other trades.

  • Five times larger surface area than the average disposable dust mask, giving superior protection against dust inhalation and offering considerable cost savings.

  • The one way exhaust valve vents to the underneath,preventing exhaled air from fogging goggles or the optional visor.

  • This also ensures that the filter stays dry reducing filter clogging and prolonging its life. P2 electrostatic filter has approximately life of ten times that of average disposable facemask.

  • Protects the user against hazardous toxic dust particles, metal fumes and mist to classification P2 and down to 0.3 microns. We recommend a P3(R) filter for toxic woods such as hardwoods, western red cedar and MDF.