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Is a Paslode service worth it?


Harlequin Fixings and Sealants is an approved Paslode warranty repair and service centre. This makes us better than most at answering this question.
When deciding to get a nail gun serviced you are most likely to have two main concerns “how much will it cost?” and “How long will it take?” these concerns are to be expected. Due to these concerns a lot of customers will try to clean or fix an issue themselves. We would never discourage any one from cleaning there gun in fact we would encourage this to be done regularly but if your gun develops a fault or has stopped firing we would suggest you go to an authorised repair centre. The reason for this is we receive a number of nail guns which have been taken apart and put back together wrongly causing further damage and repair costs.
Now to answer those concerns:

How much will it cost?
Services are usually between £55 and £70 +vat depending on tool model. Any additional parts which are faulty and need replaced which are not included in a service would be quoted for before any work was carried out
Now you have another question. What do I get for that?
Well if we do it, the gun will be stripped down and inspected by our fully trained technicians. You will then be contacted with a quote. Once we have been given authorisation to proceed with the service/repair. We put all non-electrical components in our hot wash bath system which is specially designed to remove all dirt and grime from the gun. Once it has been cleaned and dried it is then reassembled with new O-rings, battery pads and fuel pads fitted. It will then be lubricated and fully test fired. Once this has all been done we replace labels on the gun. This full process will take up to 2 hours to be done correctly.

The gun will then be looking like new!

How long does it take?
Well we aim to have your gun turned around in 2 days of receipt. This can sometimes be slightly longer during busy periods, If it is going to take longer than a couple of days you will be notified of the time scale.

I feel if you think about it, a nail gun is much like a car or work van. There all fantastic when they work but when they stop working it’s a nightmare as you need these to work and make money for you. So like your car or van if you take care of your gun and get it serviced at least once a year it helps prevent expensive repair costs and will work better and last longer.
So……The answer is YES having your nail gun serviced is very important!
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DeWalt XR Flexvolt......The future of cordless power tools


In recent years there has been a vast improvement on all cordless tool ranges with the addition of brushless motors and Lithium-Ion technology. The brushless motors and Lithium-Ion batteries have made a remarkable difference with extended
run-time, shelf life and power but they still have never came close to the power of corded tools.
This is where the DeWalt XR Flexvolt comes in, offering its user all the benefits of a cordless power tool but with the power of a corded tool. The Flexvolt has no equal and has been designed with the building trade in mind as it offers a range of tools for all trades.
The tools being released in 54V are:

Click on the tools to see them in action.

  • Plus in the future they will also be releasing a plunge saw and SDS+ hammer drill

That is what I call an all-star line-up.
The reason why everybody should be excited about the Flexvolt is simply because it will finally put an end to trailing an extension cable all over the place and just wishing for a plug to be closer.
To any current DeWalt user there is no need to be alarmed that your current 18V XR range is going to be forgotten about, the 54V is just an extension to that range. The battery was built with you in mind as it is compatible with all your 18V XR tools giving them even more run time.
In our eyes these are the key reasons you need to upgrade:

  1. Most power offered on the Market today.
  2. Backwards compatible with your 18V XR tools.
  3. Offers never before seen runtime on your 18V XR tools.
  4. Gives you the Power you need to get the job done without the trouble of cords.
  5. You don’t even need a new charger your current one will do just fine.

It is our thoughts that the DeWalt XR Flexvolt will truly be a game changer and has taken us one step closer to the future of cordless power tools. The power offered from the Flexvolt battery is unparalleled and being backwards compatible with the current range of 18V XR tools there is no reason not to upgrading to the new Flexvolt range.
To pre-order yours…Call us on 01563 545 266 or

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