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Handheld scribing tool for architrave, skirting, scribing doors, scribing worktops, setting hinge recess depth etc.

  • Articulated arm allows the required offset to be set precisely from 1mm to 40mm giving full flexibility.

  • Use for a multitude of applications including hanging doors, installing worktops, plinths & skirting, architraves, flooring, window boards, panelling, shop fitting and tiling.

  • Can be used as a marking gauge.

  • Thin guide plate (0.5mm) for access into narrow gaps ensuing full versatility.

  • Flat base ensures object surface remains in contact ensuring a consistent scribe.

  • Knurled foregrip sliding steel guide plate allows up to 50mm projection.

  • Thumb wheel fine adjustment.

  • Marks narrow pencil line of 0.7mm width ensuring accuracy.

  • Spare graphite refillls available.