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Why now is the time to buy a Paslode PPN35Ci Lithium Positive Placement Nailer!


You may or may not have noticed the massive saving of over £250 on our Paslode PPN35Ci lithium positive placement nailer.

We are able to offer you this fantastic price because ITW Construction Products are trying to increase their share in this particular sector of the nail gun market.

Don’t be fooled!!  This is not just to  benefit ITW, but you the customer as well  because  now it is your chance to get one of best tools on the market for a ”never before and never again”   price.

We at Harlequin would advise anyone who is considering purchasing this type of specialised nail gun to act now. The offer is for a limited time only and as stated above “once it’s gone, it’s gone“!!

If you are still wondering whether or not it is worth purchasing one of these PPN35Ci nail guns then please watch the video below and see for yourself just what an incredible time saving tool this is.

PPN35Ci Video