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Recon by Dewalt tools a second chance!

We have increased our stock on Dewalt recon tools at Harlequin. Not only can you purchase one of Dewalt’s recon tools at a reduced price, but it will also come with:

  • Full testing - PAT and functionality tested.
  • Component checked - you’ll have everything you need to use your product.
  • Thoroughly cleaned and ready to use.
  • Supplied with all accessories.
  • 1 year’s guarantee to give you peace of mind in your purchase.

When it’s not possible to repair and refurbish any part of a tool, Dewalt will replace that part to ensure all components of the kit are present and working.

You can check stock availability of our Dewalt recon products online in real time - as soon as we have received delivery of a tool and it has been checked by ourselves, it will be available to buy. Stock is limited on these lines so, be quick !

What are you waiting for? Buy Dewalt recon today and join our sustainability journey!

Please note: The product may have been previously used and may show slight signs of wear and tear. The product has been PAT & Function tested and is in full working order. The product may have noticeable cosmetic marks and/or scratches and original packaging may have been replaced and/or show signs of transit or storage damage. The item will be supplied with accessories/parts as advertised in the product description.

If interested in purchasing any of our Dewalt recon tools feel free to call and speak to a member of out team who will happily carry out a visual inspection of the tool on your behalf for extra peace of mind!

Recon products are subject to availability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Refurbished (or reconditioned) products are items that have been previously sold by Dewalt and have been returned to be refurbished and tested to look and work like new. There are many reasons a product may be classed as refurbished. Best scenario, it was not sold by a distributor and returned to Dewalt without being opened, worst case scenario, there was fault that required repair or replacement.
Refurbished tools are cheaper than new tools. Perhaps, the biggest benefit of buying a refurbished tool is getting the same product for a much better price while still receiving a warranty. Buying refurbished tools also helps sustainability efforts by re-purposing tools that might otherwise be thrown away.
Refurbished products are products that have been purchased from Dewalt by a distributor then returned due to the item not being sold or developing a fault. When an item is returned Dewalt will inspect the product and where required refurbish the product so that it can be resold, reducing waste. These products are tested and cleaned so they work like new.
The Dewalt warranty on a refurbished product is 1 year.
Each tool that needs to be refurbished could be refurbished in a different way, but rest assured all the products are PAT, and function tested, and cleaned. Some parts may have been replaced - for example a battery, charger, or consumable part may simply have been replaced in the kit.
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