Order code: 20-168

This product has been discontinued.

  • Monocrystalline diamonds for fast, clean, stock removal.

  • Excellent sharpening performance.

  • Double sided for coarse sharpening and fine honing.

  • Coarse 360 grit (nom. 40 microns) and fine 600 grit (nom. 25 microns).

  • Coarse ideal for carpentry as it rapidly fixes or restores a damaged edge or blunt tools, including chisels and plane irons.

  • Fine ideal for cabineting making for a fine finish, refines the cutting edges of chisels, small knives, etc Achieves a razor edge in seconds.

  • With plastic ABS folding handle, that folds to protects diamond surface.

  • Oval holes design to collect and hold metal residue. Ideal for saw blades, chisels, knives, domestic and garden tools.

  • Recommended use with Trend lapping fluid to prevent clogging or rusting and assist in keeping tools clean.