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This product has been discontinued.

Window Protection 500mm x 100M:
This film protects windows from plastering excess, paint, sanding dust and dirt, eliminating the need to scrape the glass and risk scratching it. Its waterproof adhesive grips securely to interior and exterior windows but is easily removed without leaving a sticky residue.

Carpet Protection 50M:
For full protection against dust, mud and paint. The heavy duty, self-adhesive, clear film will protect carpets during refurbishment and maintenance contracts. It can withstand high foot traffic and has extremely high puncture and tear resistance. It is best to be removed within 3 weeks for residue-free carpet.

Hard Surface Protection 100M:
Red tinted, self adhesive film mainly used for worktop protection in kitchens and protection for laminate flooring. A temporary film which leaves no residue.

Dust Sheet 12ft x 9ft:

Professional cotton twill dust sheet. Ideal for protecting furniture and floors while decorating.